In 2021, the cultural life of the Chelyabinsk region will be marked by the celebration of the 115th anniversary of one of the greatest South Ural residents, the great director, actor, screenwriter and teacher Sergei Apollinarievich Gerasimov. On this date, a major cinematic event is planned to be held in Chelyabinsk — the 1st GlobalWatch Ural Lakes Film Festival.

The festival is dedicated to the anniversary of Gerasimov and has the status of an annual competitive international film festival of feature films, short films and screenplays. For each of us, we have our own difficulties, but nevertheless, with the help of cinema, we can imagine a number of our problems in a completely new light. In addition to the usual respite from our problems, films should give food for the mind and invoke emotions. This is how Sergei Gerasimov's films worked and still work. His characters unobtrusively touch on a whole layer of philosophical questions in the films, which force the viewer to determine their position.

Gerasimov’s films are distinguished by their amazing work with actors, memorable characters, and empathy from the audience towards the characters. It is because of this that modern filmmakers should watch and study Gerasimov in his films. Looking at his work, it becomes clear that in terms of the ability to recreate human feelings, today's directors not only have a lot to strive for, but also need to persevere and selflessly build up their creative muscles. Each of his films is worth spending your time watching. It is thanks to such films that cinema is considered an art, and not just ordinary entertainment.

The festival aims to identify and promote talented works of cinema, films with a non-trivial plot and fresh script ideas that reflect the diversity of the modern world. The task of the festival is to select and show such films that the audience will feel uncomfortable crunching popcorn through, films which are created to awaken feelings and thoughts. As S. A. Gerasimov said, "The director is in a certain sense a chronicler. He is in constant search of the hero of our time". How do we see our heroes in the chaos of this world, how do we show them to the audience? This is the task of today's cinema. After all, good films carry the meaning laid down in them by directors and screenwriters without resorting to preaching.Through clever dialogues, symbols, and subtext we hear ideas and theories that we think about for a long time after the credits. This is exactly what was characteristic of Gerasimov's work. We want to achieve this by showing contemporary films selected by the international jury of the GlobalWatch Ural Lakes Film Festival. Our primary task is to make the viewer think about life, about the world around us. The GlobalWatch Ural Lakes Film Festival is a world-class event that unites filmmakers from 8 countries (Russia, Great Britain, USA, Iran, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Serbia). A great cultural event in the life of the Southern Urals and the country as a whole.

The film festival is organized by the Russian side together with the film company GlobalWatch Films. The owner of the company, its brain and heart, is Paul G. Andrews, an award-winning British film producer and screenwriter.

О фестивале

The authority of the festival is determined by the composition of the jury. Together with Paul, they expressed interest and agreed to take an active part in the festival and join the jury of the world's leading masters of the film industry:

Thomas Keneally is an Australian novelist, playwright, and screenwriter. The author of the novel "Schindler's List", on which the film adaptation was based.

Andrew Morahan is a British film and music video director. One of the luminaries of the music video industry.

Roland Joffé is a British film director, producer, and screenwriter. Twice Oscar-nominated, he is also a Winner of the Cannes Film Festival. The Palme d'Or was awarded to him for his film "The Mission".

Mahtab Keramati is an Iranian actress, producer, and UNICEF ambassador.

The film festival itself is an exclusive event in the cultural life of the Chelyabinsk region. It will bring together a large number of participants: actors and directors, producers, film critics, journalists, politicians and public figures, as well as other interested persons and tourists interested in cinema and the beauty of protected areas. GlobalWatch Films, represented by Paul G. Andrews and his associates, is actively involved in promoting our film festival internationally. One of the main tasks of the festival, which Paul is concerned with, is to show the beauty of Russia, the breadth of its soul to foreign audiences, and to help overcome stereotypes about Russians. Now any Hollywood movie operates with clichés, and they vary from film to film. Consciously or not, this technique is used in almost all films about Russia. Our country is shown as a dark, dreary and dangerous place,and people are like a uniform grey mass. Together with airlines and travel agencies of the UK and the USA, special tours of "cinema" and "ecological" tourism will be organized to the Southern Urals, to the land of beautiful lakes and spectacular international events.

We know and always remember that every person who comes to the film festival has their own goal. Some will spend all their time visiting film screenings, lectures, master classes, round tables with the participation of movie stars, parties, and others will also be interested in the beautiful nature of this beautiful lake region. Therefore, it is very important for us to give participants the opportunity to fully plan and enjoy their stay in the Southern Urals. For this purpose, the leaders of the protected areas of the Southern Urals, as well as tour operators, will develop, collect and offer special tourist products and tour packages for all tastes, including participation in festival events for Russians and citizens of other countries.

The festival is expected to run simultaneously in several cities of the region. A special anniversary program is planned to be shown - a retrospective of S. A. Gerasimov's films called "We lived our lives honestly, tried our best!", with evenings of memories from his students. And also, with the support of the Chelyabinsk State Institute of Culture, a review of the best works of VGIK students of recent years will be held. In addition to the main competition and anniversary programs, the organizers of the film festival plan to hold an international competition of short films and videos on environmental topics, with a focus on having a careful attitude to nature and specially protected natural territories of Russia. The goal of the festival is to identify and promote talented works of film and video art that reflect the diversity of the modern world and help people realize themselves as part of the whole — life on earth. This competition is scheduled to be held on Lake Turgoyak in the Golden Beach Hotel.

Many festival events will be held in small towns of the Chelyabinsk region where the population will be actively involved in participation, which increases the importance of the festival for the Chelyabinsk region and for the Ural District as a whole. The process of forming a unique festival audience that includes viewers with a high degree of selectivity is another of the tasks of the festival. And encouraging the creation of films that reveal complex and deep themes is a revival of the most effective means of maintaining the intellectual level and creative potential of filmmakers. For them, the festival is a platform for the exchange of experience, for the beginning of cooperation between film studios of foreign countries and Russia, a platform for discussing the creative process and improving the professional level in film production and strengthening the traditions of international dialogue of cinematographers.